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I'm a programs manager for an in-house marketing team in a large software company. At the end of Each Quarter (EoQ) We enter a SPRINT of a lot of crucial plays through various tools in order to feed leads to sales so they can close deals and meet their revenue goals, so we meet our revenue goals as a company and so Wall Street loves us. Because when Wall Street loves us, our stock goes up. When our stock goes up, we get a bonus. You see how the hamster burn out their squirrels pretty quickly. I've now been here 3 full quarters. This quarter we entered our EoQ sprint 3 weeks early. Instead of plowing through week 11 and 12 furiously, we're plowing through week 8-12 furiously. We have global sales regions and not quite global support teams. So until the first week of April, I am spread as thin as I can go: 9pm-11/12pm to cover APAC, 6am-9am to cover EMEA and 10am-4pm in the office for NAC.

I hate my life right now LOL but I am slightly kidding as I say that.

It's very easy to get totally sucked up by nothing BUT work. (And I am and I'm so very tired because my sleep is off) But LIFE must happen as well.

I got to enjoy a wonderful, WONDERFUL evening with some dynamic, sassy, funny, intelligent women. We met for dinner because Kim and her friend Terri were in town. Maida made an absolutely scrumptious dinner and we all talked and laughed for three hours or more.

It was amazing to me as we sat there to realize that I've known Maida and Kim both for 8 years now. We met here on LJ all that time ago. This was the first time I'd met Kim face to face, and it was as if I'd always known her and in a way I really have for nearly a decade.

I got home at 10:30ish, spun through my evening duties and check ins online and staggered into bed only to be up at dawn this morning to do it again (including an international conf call at 8:30) before flying into the office.

On Saturday my sister arrives from Chicago and I get a weekend of food and music with Kriss. Then Sunday night after the Clapton concert--I go right back into the stretched days for another 2 weeks.

So If I'm light on FB posts (other than reposts) and here, it's because my squirrels are blown out and my brain can't cobble together coherent sentences. But, I am still here!
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