Feb. 6th, 2013

For some reason today I'm about two hairs away from a complete meltdown. It hasn't even been a bad day! I worked late yesterday, but that wasn't stressful really. Carol worked til nearly midnight, while I got home, had a light dinner, snuggled with the pups then went to go get her and bring her home. I was in bed by 12:30am. Carol woke me up this morning at 8am. I never even heard my alarm.

Today has been reasonably productive, for having got a late start. Meetings were good, good food was consumed, I had a 30 minute massage at lunch and yet...

I feel if one thing keeps me from going straight door-to-door, from desk to bed, this afternoon I am going to become a temper tantrum pitching toddler. All I want is to GO TO SLEEP!
We're #3 in the nation for worst traffic evah!

In response to that and to a very high rate of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities last year; the city wants commuters to take a survey.

We're in the top ten for Urban Forests.

We're in the top 5 for healthiest housing in the US.

We're in the top 20 for Greenest Cities. In fact, come March 1st the new bag-ban goes into place. Going into stores and hearing 'paper or plastic' will now be replaced with 'and just how did you plan to carry all that?' You'd better remember to put your reusable bags in your car and keep them there!

My employer is listed as the BEST small company to work for in the US

And this was one of the primary reasons that relocating to Austin made sense for me: Best big city for jobs. The unemployment rate here was HALF what it was in Alameda County, CA.

And last (but not least) We were voted the #1 Intelligent Community of the year for 2012.

So let's keep it weird, keep it moving, and let's hope I don't pull down the collective IQ of this joint!



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