Feb. 11th, 2013

So, the GRAMMY Awards. No I did not watch them. (I rarely watch TV you should know that by now.) However, I was pleased to hear Mumford & Sons were well recognized this year.

I'm pretty excited because this week, Thursday in fact, I am going with Carol to see Suzanne Vega at the Paramount Theater in Austin. As with the FOX and the Paramount theaters in Oakland, I love historic theaters which are preserved and reused as venues of entertainment, intellect, and public gathering. It gets my money and it gets my vote!

If there is one thing Austin has going for it, it's live music. The scene here continues to thrive with international, national, and locally grown talent that is extraordinary. The festivals: ACL and http://sxsw.com/ can be prohibitively expensive but, that shouldn't keep you from stepping out to sample music. Not when we have free concerts like Blues on the Green at Zilker Park. And Unplugged at Shady Grove, which has delicious food btw!. I'm not happy with the direction of KGSR FM after being bought by Clear Channel. But I will give them props for continuing these two music traditions. I am VERY happy that KUT, our public radio here, has branched out with KUTX and is making that into the KGSR of old--being bold and local music conscious.

One of my ONLY music laments since moving to Austin in late '11 is the dearth of jazz. I say that knowing full well I have yet to MAKE TIME to head over to the Elephant Room, Austin's prime jazz spot. However, in a music city of this size I find it astonishing that jazz seems to have only one venue. Natives, please do correct me if I'm wrong. (Hunt, you seem the most well versed of those I 'know' here.) There was so much jazz in San Francisco, and here I begin to twitch if I can't hear some live jazz after so long. I'd hate to have to burn up I-35 to Denton once a month just to hear the saxophone!

Just sayin!
~ Meri



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