As [ profile] mcraven333 and I banter about synergistic posts regarding the exteme thinking of some members (not all, some) of the ultra-right conservative christian movement she is preparing to pack up her belongings and move back to the deep south and that means the bible belt!

To counteract that dramatic shift into fundamentalist territory she has created a new community [ profile] antifundieusa for those of us who resent the current overt push to hijack the American political, judicial, educational, medical, and legal system to the faith-based extreme conservative base. It is not, in my firm belief, how our founding fathers envisioned this country. It is certainly not how *I* envision my country.

Also, you may find this organization's web site to be off interest.

My purpose here is to have a place of support and peaceful debate that doesn't necessarily co-opt personal blog space. I know I'll certainly be reading and conversing with [ profile] mcraven333 and any others over there in the coming weeks/months etc.

Join us if you'd like!
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Then one morning four days into the storm, something happened that melted the fear and eased the tension. Four young people on bicycles showed up in Algiers, knocking on doors and asking if anyone needed medical attention. Asked if they were from the Red Cross or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, neither of which had yet made an appearance in Algiers, the medics said no, they were just volunteers who had come without authorization. They offered first aid, took blood pressure, tested for diabetes, and inquired about symptoms of anxiety, depression and disease. “It was just about the noblest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life,” recalls Malik Rahim, a lifelong Algiers resident, local housing activist and former Black Panther Party member who helped arrange space for the medical workers in a local mosque. ”It was the street medics who really stopped this city from exploding into a race war, because they were white and were serving the black community at a time when blacks were fed up. Those are the real heroes of this thing.”



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