A very happy birthday to my Central Coast music mate: [livejournal.com profile] seviana!

Me and the oh so festive (and tone deaf) Dork dog hope you have an excellent birthday!

To my new friend across the pond:

A very Happy Birthday from me and the DorkDog! We hope it's a particularly enjoyable day!

A very happy birthday to David!

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From me and from the Dork Dog!

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I hope that Mr. Gorgeous and Kujo treat you very well on your special day--and no Sawzalls are involved in the police reports :)
A very Happy Birthday to a very savvy, funny, loving and warm Taurus lady!

I hope you get time off from this big work push to CELEBRATE your birthday in style!!

me & the dorkdog:
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Before I get too involved in my work-Saturday, I want to wish a heart-felt birthday greeting to Amok. She's had a tough year and she's weathered it amazingly well. I'm very proud of her.

I hope today gives you a well-deserved break, hon.! Kisses, slurps and deep soul kisses for your Birfday!!


The Birthday Dork Dog

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And many wickedly more returns :)

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I nearly missed it, but not quite yet--on MY time zone!

Happy Birthday Soupy! I hope you had an excellent birthday filled with family, friends, and festivities.

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I have an acquaintance who shares your birthday. It always annoyed her that people would say "wow, I bet your parents always wished you'd been born a day earlier for the tax break!"

So, quite obviously, I won't say that.

A birthday is a fine way to celebrate a fresh start to the new year, in my mind.

I hope your birthday and this coming year are exceptional!
To one of my dearest friends. I am blessed to have known you these almost four years. You're a daily part of my life and those days are lighter, brighter, more interesting and filled with laughter and good cheer because of you. (translation: when I'm happy it's all YOUR fault).

So yes, I am chronically threatening to kill you several times a day. So what?
You know I can't ACTUALLY do that. I'm to lazy to get a new hobby! :)





I owe Happy Birthday greetings!

First, to my neighbor across the bay, [livejournal.com profile] evilgrins Who is DIS MANY years old today! I hope today continues your celebrations of the long weekend!

And secondly to [livejournal.com profile] grail76 A very interesting, intelligent, kinky and articulate gentleman. Again, I hope you get all your wishes and fantasies this day!
A little birdy has told me a neighbor has a birfday today.

And so Happy Birfday to the girl who humms.
Happy Birthday to a well traveled, intelligent and savvy Scorpio man!

Many, many happy returns on this, your 45th birthday!

(I'm only a few days behind you!)
Another Fiery, intelligent scorpio woman!

I hope you have a terrific birthday weekend!

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A very happy birthday to a man who admires my kinky exercise habits!! :D

I hope you get loads of kisses, balloons and lots of other fun for your day today!
A very happy birthday to a woman with a huge, huge heart. She takes care of and loves everyone around her and rarely asks anything for herself.

I hope today is made extra special by those around you!

Happy Birthday!
I'm so relieved you get to spend this year's birthday at home in your own house. Welcome Home and Happy Birthday! I hope the men in your life spoil you rotten today!!
A merry birthday to a Texas gentleman who has gone through a tumultous year. I'm also proud to say that I adore disagreeing with him as much as I enjoy agreeing with him. He's an excellent example of balance, and productive discource on challenging topics. He supports his opinions and views without tearing down another's opinion or view. Too few people know how to do that these days; to disagree with respect and to teach from an opposing stance as well as learn from an opposing stance.

Happy Birthday Wolfie!
Happy birthday to a gentleman who has seen quite a bit of this world along with the best and the not so best humanity can offer itself. I have a lot of respect for this man and his views.

I hope your birthday is a happy one filled with family and friends.


Aug. 28th, 2006 09:23 am
A very happy birthday to ex-Berkeley-ite [livejournal.com profile] alano

An adorable man with a compassionate heart. I thought of you Friday man! I was walking down Euclid and stopped at the Rose Garden. I almost wandered down to that little 'tunnel that goes between the two parks and giggled!

I hope you have a TERRIFIC birthday!
I know that today (well yesterday)she got the best possible birthday present. Hubby is home on leave for the first time in nearly a year.

I hope the rest of today is just wonderful!

Happy Birthday Hon :)



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