Here I sit at home. I'm all dressed and can't go anywhere. My new chair is supposed to be delivered between 7-9am. So I have an hour yet before that window closes. I'm laying bets it doesn't happen on time.

Still, I'm having coffee here at home, something I don't typically do on work days (I stagger into the office and make coffee there because I refuse to get up early enough to make myself some at home). The dog is laying on my feet and twitching in her sleep. We've had our walk for the morning and it didn't rain on us.

I did manage to paint the bathroom yesterday. I will never again buy American Standard paint from Orchard Supply Hardware. It streaks everywhere. I'm going to have to do a second, thick coat with a different roller, in order to even up the walls. The other rooms I painted I used my Kelly Moore contractor grade paint. Wow is there ever a difference in the quality. Sure it cost me 7.00 a gallon more, but that 7.00 a gallon more was well worth it. I wanted a pale lilac on the walls in the bathroom. Now it's going to be an easter-egg lavender. I think I'll end up doing a glaze wash over the whole thing to tone it down again.

Last night I had one of those dreams I haven't had in a very long time. A dream where I'm upset and crying and screaming for what feels like days. The setting was a family reunion. My parents were there, I was there, my sister was there, various other people were there. My parents were arguing, I was arguing with my mother. Ug. I hate those dreams. I wake up exhausted from them as if I had run a physical marathon not just an emotional one. I don't know why I had this dream, usually I get them if I'm shutting down on my anger somehow. I don't think I'm doing that right now. I'm not mad or upset at anyone that I know of. The news pisses me off, but not THAT bad. I wonder if its a pre-curser to more family drama ahead. Ug. I know, I already said that, but, it bears repeating. Ug.

It's Monday, they say it might rain. My chair's not here yet. Am I allowed to hate Monday this week?
aamusedinatx: (brazil)
So last night was totally the night of Very.Weird.Dreams

I wish I could remember them all, but an hour or so of coffee and bantering, not to mention a rude awakening by the furry ones at 5am has diminished most of them.

The one bit I do remember had to do with Dancing. Now, I don't dance. I can't dance...not well. So why do I find myself on stage dancing with Emma Thompson? And why did she appear to be so tall my face was smooshed into the underside of her boob?

More to come, but later. I'm behind with a lot of errands and such to run!

Ciao for Niao!



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