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Is what I call FOG! :)

This morning was *LOVELY* I even shivered at the bus stop with no coat because it was just so refreshing to be COOL again. Our daytime temps are slowly sliding down to more usual daily highs. And now I have this naked, cold dog. Poor Dottie, I found her curled up on the rug half under the bed this morning. Apparently the fan blowing on her during the night made her chilly. If I have to buy her a doggie sweater in JULY I'm going to laugh.

This morning has so far consisted of:

Waking feeling more comfortable with the new configuration of my room.

Playing with the animals during my morning wash and wear routine.

Walking the dork dog with the accompanying sounds of shopping carts rattling as the homeless criss-cross the streets raiding the recycle bins (garbage pick up is this morning so everything is on the curbs).

Getting to work and spinning through LJ while I inhale a cup of coffee.

Editing the business plan currently being written by one of several people who have lately said to me "I have this idea..." and wondering, hoping about its success.

Getting that just-as-important-second cup of coffee as I sit down now to write my own entry and wondering what hump-day is going to bring me.
It took an hour in 97 degree heat to get home yesterday afternoon. Consequently I arrived home, sweaty, tired, crabby, achy. I took the dog for a walk and then collapsed in front of the fan for a good 30 minutes. As usual, the heat makes me worthless when it comes to getting anything done. In turn, being worthless and unmotivated is not a state of mine or body that I can tolerate in myself for very long. I gave into tired once again and dragged myself off to lie on the bed and doze for a while. I flopped down on the bed and listened to the oscillating fan whirr. Sammy leaped upon the mattress with a thud (I really need to get him on a diet). I stared at the ceiling.

Ten minutes later, I have half of everything in my bedroom piled out in the hallway and I'm in there, sweating and swearing and moving furniture. Mind you my back still aches a bit from the kidney/bladder infection, but by god, I rearranged my room, shifted furniture around and about. I did this, stopping to clean and scrub and vacuum along the way. I sorted laundry for a trip to the laundromat tonight (now that it's cooler) and finally, three hours after I started, I plopped down by the TV to eat dinner. FINALLY, after a week or more of being a slug, I felt like I had accomplished SOMETHING.

It felt a bit disorienting when I went to bed last night. I was sleeping in a different place really. When I woke up this morning it also felt a little odd, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I like the new layout opens up the room and makes it feel more spacious.

I was THRILLED when I walked the dork dog at 11pm and realized I couldn't see any stars. It was much, much cooler. With the return of fog, our heatwave is broken. Our natural air conditioning has returned. I was happy to toss on a coat and walk her this morning with the fog's mist brushing against my face. Today will be 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. We have survived yet another stint of hot weather no worse for wear and tear.

As I stood waiting for the bus this morning I gazed into the eastern sky. You could just make out the sun behind all that fog, slowly burning its way through. I thought of probably the worst descriptive line that has ever entered my caffeine deficient brain.

"The sun hung there like a fuzzy altoid."

You the one discovers when one moves the couch after several months...or the bed...



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