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The Washington Post carried a transcript of an online interview with sybaritic author, chef, and raconteur Anthony Bourdain. I believe you have to register online with the WashPost to read it, but registration is free and it is a very interesting transcript.

He and his 4-person crew were in Beruit when the fight between Israel and Hezbollah broke out. Here's an excerpt:

Arlington, Va.: Read your book...great job, well done ...

Are the majority of the Lebanese people you spoke to more anti Israel or Hezbollah? Do they see Hezbollah as a benefit to their country?


Anthony Bourdain: I can only tell you what I saw in my limited experience. As it happened, I was standing with a Sunni, Shiite and a Christian when Hezbollah supporters started to fire automatic weapons in the air celebrating the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers as a few supporters drove by the three people I was with all instantaneously took on a look of shame and embarrassment as if a dangerous and unstable little brother had once again brought the whole family into peril. At no time during my 10 days in Beirut did I ever hear an anti-Semitic or even explicitly anti-Israeli statement. To the contrary, there was a universal sense of grim resignation and inevitability to what Israel's reaction would be. Dating to the first seconds after Hezbollah started firing in the air, we were a largely Jewish crew. The last person to leave us as Lebanese fled in droves, was the Shiite from south Beirut. We had to plead with him to leave us and join his family. His house was later destroyed.

To wit:

Feb. 14th, 2006 07:23 pm
Build Your Own Surreal Weenie has got to be some of the oddest dinner time reading I've done in a while.

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Jan. 23rd, 2006 07:53 pm
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simmering away in a large pan on my stove is a liquid-y concoction of tomatoes, stock, onions, peppers, and lots of paprika and white pepper. The chicken goes in soon as well as sour creme. I think, however, that once the chicken is cooked through, I'm going to let it cool and then store it over night. I like to let the spices marry well before eating. That, and I'm not particularly hungry tonight.

This reminds me, however, that I love Hungarian Goulash and I should dig out a recipe for that soon as well. Besides I know how to make sweet red cabbage without sugar (Splenda is my friend) and the two served together would be a delight.

So chicken paprikash for lunch or dinner tomorrow! Depending on how it comes out, I'll post the recipe.
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Cauliflower is steaming away and the salmon is marinating!

I don't typically marinate Salmon it is such a rich and well flavored fish just on its own, but tonight I decided to whip up a simple marinade: diced maui sweet onion, some white pepper, a few splashes of balsamic vinegar, white wine, fresh tangerine juice and a few tablespoons of Drew's Orange Sesame dressing. I *love* this stuff. I'm nearly out of several different flavors. I'll have to be sure and add them on my list for shopping after the 15th.

I'm looking forward to a decent dinner tonight. That could be because I realize I've had nothing to eat today but 3 cups of coffee, until just now when I had a yogurt.


Nov. 28th, 2005 06:30 pm
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It is a bitter cold and soggy night. The rain is increasing in strength and the temperature, never high today has plummeted. What better night for a big batch of Southwestern Turkey Chili
Some toasted whole-wheat pita points, with homemade baba ganouche garnished with pomegranate pearls. Tossed off with a nice big salad, yummy!

This will keep me warm tonight.
Odd, how I pick the moments I'm sitting here indulging my mood with junk food (I am totally addicted to Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper!) and making my grocery list for tomorrow's shopping, since I didn't do jack-shit today.

It's a short work week this week. M-W only. A four-day weekend looms. I have plans alone and plans with friends. I am contributing to a dinner, rather than making it so I want to be sure I do not spend a fortune on food and groceries I'm not going to eat. At the same time I need to get a better grip on my diet...better than I have been anyway, and when I did my best at that I did so by making a menu for the week and adhere to it. (She tries not to glance at the hot dog and macaroni salad as she writes this). Another consideration...for cooking at home...is my oven is a bit, shall we say, undependable. It heats, it cooks with gas, it has some tremendous hot spots and requires constant vigilance. So, I tend more towards stove top cooking.

My two contributions to Turkey day is a spicy pumpkin soup and a homemade cranberry-orange chutney.

Other items on my menu for the week include:

Turkey burgers with swiss cheese and marinated mushrooms
A big batch of chili (even though it's rather warm out)
Creamed spinach with pine nuts
Roasted garlic mashed cauliflower (mock potato dish)
tequila-lime chicken quesadillas
creamy mushroom soup
Babaganoush (sic) with fresh pomegranate seeds and whole wheat pita

That'll be enough cooking, I think, for this week. For those already on my recipe filter, I'll be posting the recipes soon. If you're new and not yet on there, let me know and I'll add you!

The mainstay of holiday cooking in the US is the good ol' turkey. When I was growing up we only ate turkey on Thanksgiving and on Christmas. We had ham on Easter and prime rib or a crown roast for New Year's.

Not so these days. In giving up carbs and eating more animal protein I do try to keep my fat content down and so I eat a lot of turkey, either carved turkey meat from the deli or ground turkey meat made into burgers, chili, and meatloaf. So over the last five years or so, the 'tradition' of stuffing a bird that is predominately bone and slaving over a hot oven for 8-12 hours has lost its 'tradition' to me I toyed with the idea of an anti-thanksgiving day meal and making something totally weird like oh...I dunno... apple and garlic pizza with fresh basil and toasted pinenuts, or...a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The problem with that idea is that I *LIKE* to cook! So, why not do so?

The dishes I list above cook relatively easily. They also portion for easy storage in the fridge, in the freezer. They provide the traditional tastes of turkey, cranberry, pumpkin in a different way A few of them, like the creamy mushroom soup are alternates to gravy.

So, tomorrow and Tuesday, I have a pilgrimage on the way home to Safeway and to the Berkeley Bowl (all fresh veggies, all the time). And on Wednesday night and through the weekend, I shall have not one huge cooking feast, but many smaller cooking celebrations

For now, however, I'm going to finish my diet cherry-vanilla dr. pepper (burp) and my organic corn chips with sour cream and relax.
In trying to get my life back to normal, I have just started a large pot of homemade chili today. It's Fall, the leaves are changing, the nights are cold and I want chili!

If you want the recipe, let me know and I'll add you to my recipe filter.

Meanwhile, My house is filled with delicious smells and I'm a happy girl!

Edited to say: Garnished tonight with some grated cheese, some fresh cilantro, some sourcream...ladled over crumbled corn bread and served with a green salad and blue cheese dressing...YUM feeling full and good tonight!
Man, I feel like today I've eaten nothing but Meat.
I guess in a way that's true. Lunch was marinated tri-tip
Dinner was Chicken tiki Masala, but Lunch was so overwhelmingly RED MEAT I'm feeling a bit...bloated. UFF...

Early night for me tonight--sleep off this protein.

(really it was just an excuse to use the cool cow clock icon.)
I use Firefox for my primary browser and so I have made use of a nifty plug in called Stumble! It allows you to choose topics that interest you and then has you hit the button you are dragged through the width and breadth of the Wild, Wild, Web. I actually found a co-worker's page that way. When I told him about it he was stunned. "Well that explains all the 3am hits from Austria."

I found this blog during one of my I'm too stumbled to be bored phases and got a giggle out of the catch phrase "Half zine. Half blog. Half not good with fractions."

Meet Steve...a man who seems to live to do nothing more than torture his own taste buds and to write about it with humor and far more detail than most of us would want to read.
I need to buy a food processor next week when I get paid.

Apparently it is impossible for me to grate two heads of cabbage manually without getting it EVERYWHERE...Cabinet, walls, floor, ceiling, me, the dog, the cat...


My manual dexterity some days leaves MUCH to be desired.
I'm glad now, that I wimped out last night and left that bookcase sitting in it's long, heavy IKEA box. I really needed the exertion tonight. I took a lot of my angst against the pseudo-ex on those boards of particle board. In essence, I beat the shit out of it with a hammer while putting it together (using card board to cushion blows so it didn't mar the veneer.)

Then, not satisfied yet, I did the next and more oft used physical therapy for my mood; I got into the kitchen and I cooked.

The methodical, purposeful motions of chopping food, stirring, combining, seasoning, kneading, forming...who am I kidding?

I pounded the hell out of a vegetable meatloaf. :)

Well...with a bit more finesse than the pounding I did on the bookcase earlier.

And so, now, I have a new bookcase for my plethora of books and to set off my bedroom, just slightly, from the living room without closing me off (it's a see through shelving bookcase...) and my house is filled with the smells of meatloaf cooking in the oven. Of course it will cook for a while...and really isn't for dinner tonight. I'll have it over the next several days actually.

Read more... )

Anyway...if anyone wants the actual recipe, let me know and I'll create a recipe filter and post it.

Meanwhile, dinner for me tonight is some roast beast roll ups with munster cheese and a yogurt, swilled down with a diet dr. pepper.

It sure smells good in here!



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