this picture cracks me up. A live turkey, a wild turkey in Berkeley. They really are everywhere.

Last week I was home and heard a knock on my door. A young man asked if he could borrow my phone book. It took a few minutes to assure him that I didn't own one, I don't even have a house phone. He pointed across the street to where his friend stood, a cell phone to his ear, and his neck craned back to look up.

"Our turkey is up on the roof there, we're trying to get him down."

Sure enough, there, feathers ruffled and looking triumphant and indignant perched a very large wild turkey.

They do fly...the wild ones do and this did. Not very gracefully but I watched him fly off and the guys were off to continue their chase...

I wonder if they every caught it?


Nov. 24th, 2005 08:10 am
I have so much to be thankful for, even during a quiet holiday weekend.

At 11:45 I get to go see Harry Potter!!!!!! I can hardly wait!

In the meantime a little more cooking this morning. Creamy pumpkin soup is simmering on the stove. Last night I made my cranberry-orange chutney. This afternoon when I get home, I'll steam some small artichokes and serve them with a garlic aioli sauce. Turkey burgers topped with marinated mushrooms and munster cheese. All carb-legal for me and for Kay, up stairs, who will join me for dinner.

I will eventually talk about my day yesterday on Channel X, but other stuff happened as well. Dr Lust accompanied me to CompUSA where I turned into GEEK GIRL! With birthday money and a paycheck I bought a wireless keyboard/mouse combo for my new Mac Mini, which arrived weeks ago. With the boss's permission I nicked one of the flat panel displays we only use for trade shows and brought it home. Now, if I hadn't been a dummy and grabbed the WRONG keyboard box, I'd be typing to you from the first Mac I've owned in two years (and oh how I've missed it!!). But, alas, I have to nip down tomorrow and exchange the one I grabbed by mistake. Same model, but PS2 rather than USB :P

I also got a new digital camera. Those around this summer will remember I traded in a large, old, Nikon that had been my ex-husbands for a beautiful, hand woven persian rug for my living room. Last night, Dr Lust helped me pick up a Canon powershot A520, a good camera with in my budget (under $200). We played with the features and such a bit last night and as I get used to it, you'll start seeing photos here...especially of the house, now that my remodel is nearly done.

I also broke down and bought a webcam...I've never played with one before but I thought I'd try out a mid-line model and see if I like it and ever use it. If not, I figure I can always resell it on Craig's list.

So Sexy Geek Girl is a Happy Geek Girl and this morning is a Culinary Geek Girl with Coffee.

It doesn't get much better then that, let me tell you!

Oh, and the icon is for my Mother and her opinion that I'm out here broke, and all alone.


Nov. 24th, 2005 07:53 am
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