Aug. 9th, 2006 09:03 am
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A wonderful phone conversation with my sister along with a lovely visit with Dr Lust definitely snapped me out of my bad mood yesterday!

The evening ending well. I spent it cleaning around the apartment, kissing my furkids, and researching info for Dr Strangelove. I slept like a rock with peaceful dreams. I woke feeling refreshed.

So simple and yet such simple things fill me with a greater sense of well being.

It's going to be HOT today! I dressed for the weather and we have AC in the office so I'm not too worried.

Also, just as a note. Email telling me about banging animals is really NOT the sort of Spam I want to see with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Really.Not.
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Is what I call FOG! :)

This morning was *LOVELY* I even shivered at the bus stop with no coat because it was just so refreshing to be COOL again. Our daytime temps are slowly sliding down to more usual daily highs. And now I have this naked, cold dog. Poor Dottie, I found her curled up on the rug half under the bed this morning. Apparently the fan blowing on her during the night made her chilly. If I have to buy her a doggie sweater in JULY I'm going to laugh.

This morning has so far consisted of:

Waking feeling more comfortable with the new configuration of my room.

Playing with the animals during my morning wash and wear routine.

Walking the dork dog with the accompanying sounds of shopping carts rattling as the homeless criss-cross the streets raiding the recycle bins (garbage pick up is this morning so everything is on the curbs).

Getting to work and spinning through LJ while I inhale a cup of coffee.

Editing the business plan currently being written by one of several people who have lately said to me "I have this idea..." and wondering, hoping about its success.

Getting that just-as-important-second cup of coffee as I sit down now to write my own entry and wondering what hump-day is going to bring me.


Jul. 20th, 2006 11:12 am
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Unlike last Thursday, this Thursday will be a bit low key for me. I'm feeling better, certainly better than I was a few days ago. The heat is beginning to wear on me, but there are ways to stay cool and thankfully I have a nicely sheltered apartment and it doesn't get too hot during the day because it doesn't get extended direct sunlight. I have to make a trip to the drug store for some things and I'm meeting the Enigma for a light lunch. That's the most strenuous part of my day today. I didn't water the plants yesterday so I have to be sure I do that today.

Looking through the news I see we have a bit of local color going on.

Berkeley motorists and pedestrians -- and even a dog -- have been stung by paintballs at 10 different locations in recent weeks, police said Wednesday, likely by someone who is firing the projectiles from a car. One victim was reportedly struck in the throat.

They caught two kids doing this in Oakland a few months back. Odd this has been going on a month and we're just now hearing about it on the news. Maybe I should pay more attention.

Meanwhile, I didn't find this article on the housing/rental market to be very good news. At least Berkeley has rent control. It is one of the reasons I live here.

And, the revelations in this article came as no surprise to me either. My cost of living increased after the dot-bomb crash because it cost me more of my disposable income to get basic services. Still, there are ways around being gouged when you're on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. For me it came down to not losing pride and refusing to act victimized by my situation. Some people can do that, I realize others are more easily defeated. Some are more soundly defeated by decades of being beaten down too.

Gosh, aren't I just a source of joy and sunshine today? Really I am in a good mood. I'm just watching the immediately local pulse of what surrounds me and I realize that boom or bust there are underlying problems which, if never addressed, never go away.

I want coffee...really, really, badly
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In spite of feeling total crap I got my ass in gear, not long after I posted this morning. When the going gets tough the tough go


Nothing like our first 'heatwave' of summer to remind me that I do not have summer weight pants and only a few summery tops (...that I still fit into, er ack...).

And so I grabbed BART into the city and hit both Ross and Old Navy. I came home with 4 pairs of cropped pants and 4 pairs of summer tops. This will certainly last me this year. It's about time.

En route I rang up Dr Strangelove and said "Hello! I'm calling to seduce you with an offer to buy you brunch tomorrow at the breakfast nook of your choice and then kidnap you and your car to OSH. There's a Japanese Maple there that's calling my name!"

He laughed and agreed--we'd talked about this on Wednesday night so I knew he wasn't surprised. I also offered, given this heat, a shady patio with a huge, icy pitcher of MOJITOS and mexican food noshes for a cool dinner tonight. So I think he'll take me up on that one.

I staggered home with my purchases and opened all the windows and doors. It's not suffocatingly hot but it's certainly the most warm day so far this year. I think it hit 92 yesterday afternoon and its definitely in the high 80s/low 90s here today. I'm sure Livermore and Pleasanton will see 100 degrees today. This is when I sometimes wish I did have A/C. But, truly, tonight will be in the low 60s and that's quite comfortable for sleeping in.

Dottie dog has been quite the princess of the neighborhood today. I walked her about 7am and then went back to bed. I got up again around 11am and once again we went out for a stroll. As we were heading home a man and his son were riding their bikes across the street. I stopped to let them by, but they stopped also. The dad wanted to see Dottie and asked what breed she is. I told him a cocker spaniel and he and his son made a fuss over her--from their bikes. She sat by me being a good girl and eventually they cycled on while we followed slowly behind. Just before the house came a couple with a young girl. They also stopped to see her. She allowed the mom to pet her; actually it was a ruse to see if she could get her nose into the bag the woman was carrying. Turns out her father had a black cocker spaniel. We talked for a few moments and then they continued and we went home so I could water Dot and head out shopping.

School is out, the weather is warm and the neighbors are friendly. It's nice to watch the world come alive around me. This afternoon even, after I got home; out again I go with dork doggie. This time it was the two girls who live next door and the little girl who lives in front of me. They followed us around the corner and we all sat on a grassy slope while the girls pet Dottie and bombarded me with tales and questions. The sisters are six and eight years old. The young girl who lives in front of me is also eight years old. For months I've smiled and said 'Hi!' as I see them on the street and they've stared at me as if I had green hair. Now, suddenly, me and the dog are cool and we spent a half hour with Dottie sneaking kisses from the girls and wiggling in delight under all the attention.

I realize all over again how much I love my new place, my new space, my surroundings. Even with a cold life does not suck.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for some medicinal Mojitos. All that vitamin C (fresh squeezed limes) and rum should cure what ails me tonight! And if not, I'm sure after a glass or two I won't care!!!




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