Have I mentioned that I work with a bunch of musicians? I do. The Inganeer and the Co-Worker are both self produced/self published musicians. The Inganeer set a brand new copy of his latest CD on my desk yesterday and I gave it a listen this morning. Nice job Inganeer! Nice job!

So, it was with much amusement that I read this morning's edition of Wondermark. (Both the Inganeer and the Co-worker have MySpace pages).

How Adam Curry has become more than just a pretty mane of blond hair. One of the original Podcasters.
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This came across my "Quote of the day" this morning:

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

- Hunter S. Thompson
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I just noticed, during my morning reading, that the lovely and gracious [livejournal.com profile] ms_viduata tagged me. :) I haven't been tagged in a while now. And music is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have been burning my cd collection onto the hard drive of my Mac MINI and refreshing/re-organizing my iPod and so I've also been revisiting music I'd forgotten I had. I tend to put the iTunes-o-matic on random shuffle and rarely listen to whole albums any more so the tunes below may sound a bit...of an odd mix.

So what I'm listening to most and why:

Coldplay: God Put a Smile Upon Your Face. Why...hard put to say really. I go on record now as probably being the one person on the planet who just isn't into Coldplay. However, I came across this one particular song and actually like it. I think I'm playing it so often to try and bridge that gap and leap into actually liking Coldplay...it just hasn't worked yet.

Presidents of the United States of America: Lump. This is the goofiest song I can think of at the moment. The rhythm is also infectious and when I can't seem to get my ass in gear and MOVING to do necessary things, this is what I crank up. And, this time of year, its hard to get my ass in gear.

Miles Davis:Kinda Blue (yes, the entire album). He's a terribly weird dude but I love this album and on a dark night with a glass of wine in hand, this is wonderful music to relax to.

Alanis Morrisette: Still. This is the song she did for the movie Dogma. It plays over the credits and has such poignant lyrics. I find myself listening to it again and again as I grow more heartsick over the global news that seems to bombard us every day.
I am your tragedy and your fortune.
I am your crisis and delight.
I am your profits and your prophets.
I am your art, I am your vice.
I am your death and your decisions.
I am your passion and your plight.
I am your sickness and convalescence.
I am your weapons and your light.

I see you holding your grudges.
I see you gunning them down.
I see you silencing your sisters,
And I love you still.
And I love you still.
I see you lie to your country.
I see you forcing them out.
I see you blaming each other,
And I love you still.
And I love you still.

Yes: Starship Troopers. This has long been my favorite song by Yes as much for the melody as for the lyrics.

John Mayer: Tea in the Sahara (live). One of my favorite young artists doing one of my favorite tunes by the Police.

Tin Hat Trio: Helium, reprise. A favorite band of mine with a unique sound that is at once pop, jazz, and some thing hard to define. This particular song is haunting. The mood is helped by the whiskey-gravel voice of Tom Waits.

Action Figure PartyAlbum: Action Figure Party. Terrific alternative jazz/blues/rock, surf music by Greg Kurstin...an NTSU school of music graduate.

Shawn Colvin: One Small Year. Possibly my favorite tune by my favorite female artist. I find myself listening to this song a lot this time of year for, I think, obvious reasons.

Now... I tag in return:

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