While Dork Doggie and I were out for a lovely long walk in the sunset tonight, we happened upon my shut-in neighbor Lucy. Lucy was actually out with her portable air pack and on her way to the post box on the corner of Derby & MLK with a letter. We stopped and talked with her and then walked up to the corner with her. It was a slow walk for only half a block, but when you can't breathe you go slow. I hadn't posted much about Lucy lately, I realize. I wave and say hi as we go bye each day. I took her scones and left over rice pudding in March. With this viral infection I've had I made sure I didn't get too close and told her why. During Easter I noticed her apartment was dark again and Riley, her black and white kitty, was sprawled alone on the bed. Lucy was back by that Monday night. I had hoped she just spent the holiday with friends. Tonight I learned that no, she'd pinched a cigarette again and wound up back in the hospital.

Addictions can be so hard to break. sigh.

Lucy was a dog walker before she couldn't work any more. She enjoyed talking with me and petting Dottie, who (for once) behaved and was cheery and friendly. Dottie didn't seem to mind our slow pace. It gave her ample time to poke around and smell smells and try to gobble up left over junk food strewn about from the high school kids who seem to discard half eaten bags of doritos or candy without a thought. Lucy and I discussed rescue dogs and their particular concerns and challenges. We talked about cats, her one and my two, and we talked about her problem addiction to cigarettes. The hospital now has her in a support group with other emphysema patients and she said that helped a lot to know that she isn't alone in this.

Dottie and I walked Lucy back down to her apartment house on the other corner before we continued on our long walk in the twilight. Dottie got two good girl treats on our return to the house for being well behaved and a good neighbor.

I continue to like this new place more and more!
Now that I'm up for the 2nd time this morning, Dottie and I went for another walkie. On our return we bumped into the forward neighbor, Char. She is the owner of two very pretty kitties and a typically hyper Chihuahua. I admit I'm not very fond of the breed but I have met some nice and relatively calm ones in my past. Like most dogs there are breed characteristics and there is individual personality either can override the other, it just depends. Char stopped me and asked if they could play and get to know one another so that FiFi--no, I'm not kidding the dog is named FiFi--will stop barking the house down every time me and Dottie walk down the drive, past their apartment on our way to the street for our walk. I told her I'd really like that but not at the moment as I didn't have her nylon muzzle with me and I really worried that she might panic and snap. I explained about Dottie being a rescue dog and having a reactive/panic response. She has been FINE with other dogs before. She was always fine with Isabel, for instance, but I don't know a lot about her ability to socialize. While she may only have 3 teeth in her head she out weighs (shudder) FiFi by a good 20lbs. Char said she understood and maybe sometime in the coming week or weekend we can take them for a walk together. I find that a good idea and one that may bring some peace to our little courtyard.

As we stood talking, I was crouched down, my hand on Dottie. I had her on a short leash. I couldn't tell if she was trembling or wagging her tail nub, but she was at least not growling or barking. Nothing between us and Char and (gulp) FiFi but a metal screen door. I think once they get to know each other and accept that they're pseudo 'pack mates' they may be okay.

While we were talking and FiFi was yipping and she was assuring me that FiFi is highly socialized and very friendly my mind kept going back to This little rant in Craig's list that I just died in laughter while reading.

I guess we'll see what future Dottie and (BARK!)FiFi have together.



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