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Edited to add these two tales:

anklebiters and plains dumb.

A woman who went to hospital fearing she had eaten a dodgy kebab was stunned when
Helen Smitham from Distington, Cumbria, had no idea she was pregnant when she felt stomach pain.Her mum took her to hospital - and 60 seconds later shocked Helen gave birth to a 4lb 11oz boy.

This type of tale sends me into orbit. I don't understand how any woman can not KNOW she's pregnant. I suppose it is possible, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

On the other hand this story actually makes some sense:
The German post office has started giving mail workers lessons in canine psychology.

Official say the number of dog attacks on postmen this Xmas were the lowest in 10 years after the lessons.

Perks for those on the dole queue.

I admire the chutzpah this kid has, but he's nuts!!

Forget Breaking Bonaduce It's time to Dress Mrs. Partridge.

Anti-Christian Jeans Are a Trend in Sweden.

This is silly, and yet the designer says he wasn't trying to start a 'trend'. Yeah right.

"If he could have written a way to go out, this would be it,"

From crime evidence to a Civil War shell, Roto-Rooter plumbers find some strange things in pipes, toilets and sewers.

And my last Morford fix of 2005, sigh...
Is this the year? Is this the time you reset your intent and cut a wide swath and upset your preconceptions and infuriate the fearmongers and the fundies and the sexually terrified, even as you disavow your grudges and cleanse your spiritual colon and wave your bitchin' flame of self around like a Bic lighter at a 1984 Journey concert?



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