I napped in shifts today, in between conference calls and email bursts. This made easier by the unusual phenomenon of RAIN.

Typically our rainy season begins in late October. We normally don't see rain until Halloween. This afternoon we were visited with a slow steady rain. As the sun set the rain returned. I have my front door open and I can hear it patter gently against the patio outside. The air smells heavy of moisture. It hasn't rained here since May-ish (as I recall.) So it smells, sounds, and feels so strange and unusual. I like it, I like the sound of water falling against the house, against the pavement. I love the smell of damp earth in the air. I only wish we got WARM rain instead of cold rain. Rain down here means snow in the Sierras. We could get an early and good ski season, if this is any indiciation.

By the time we reach next May, I'll be ready for the rain to go away. Still, we see less rain, typically then places like Portland, Seattle, Vancouver--the northern rain-forest regions that stretch up into the South-east section of Alaska. We do get long stretches of cool sunshine in the winter time. It takes a fairly significant el nino winter for us to get unrelenting rain here.

And so, Fall has arrived with a steady tap, tap, tap of rain falling from the sky. There's no going back to summer now!
but, I'm cold. I have been cold for a week or more. I dug the down comforter out of the closet last week. I go to bed at night with feet like ice. I snuggle under my comforter and the warm bodies of my furkids and drift off to sleep.

It's Labour Day weekend, early September. I shouldn't be cold so soon! A few nights ago, I walked the dork doggie late at night and the air smelled of fall. I'm torn. I love fall, it is probably my favorite season of the year. It is the season of change and transition, but I'm never in a hurry for fall to arrive. I know, based on 14 years, 15 years of living here, that we will have one more determined THRUST of Summer. late September, early October we often get a week or at least three or four days of an Indian Summer. Last year that happened in mid-November, after our first good rainstorm--that was unusual.

This year is following more usual weather patterns. A mild summer, one good heatwave mid summer, foggy nights, sunny days. I'm not ready to let go of summer, I want a little more of it. But I feel and smell fall in the air. And a part of me already mourns the change of season even as I look forward to the vivid transitions of flora and fauna that heralds the fall.

P.S. Labor Day weekend is the anniversary of my return to Northern California from Texas! I arrived Labor Day weekend of 1991.



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