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1:20pm UPDATE: Nope, they won't let her go home today. They've made a push through her IV to try and flush the morphine from her system because that's what's apparently making her so sick. Nothing is staying down. The good news is that they do have her up and walking. She's wobbly, naturally, but she is moving!

Lunch they brought her macaroni in tomato sauce and diced pineapple. She said "I can't eat this! Do you know how much acid is in this?!" They offered her chicken salad with mayo instead. I had to chuckle. I told her to have the doctor find the nutritionist and drop by to see her, or have him order Popsicles and jello for her. They have it. I'm certain of it. Anyway, she has her charger now for her phone and she says thank you to everyone who has sent her perky text messages! It's making her stay much better. She's now slated for 10am release tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed!

I just talked to [livejournal.com profile] shinylife She's sounding a bit more herself this morning but she's not keeping anything down. So, they've taken her off of the morphine drip. They're pushing through toradol and an anti-nausea drug and hope to get her on broth and jello today, get her up and walking around, and maybe they'll let her go home tomorrow! (They're not going to release her today if she can't eat.)

Of course the thought of NOT going home today is irritating her. She forgot to bring the charger for her cell phone and she's worried it won't last till tomorrow if she has to stay that long. I suggested she have one of the boys find her charger and get it to her via grandma. We'll see if she remembers that with all the medication in her system. :)
Spoke with Shiny twice. She's doing pretty good considering!

She rang me just after she was settled in her room but we hung up as her Doctor came in to talk with her. She rang me back after they left.

She was lucid during the surgery so she got to hear some of what went on around her during the procedure. I jokingly said "I sure hope you didn't hear 'oops!'." At one point apparently she did!!

She's on a morphine drip and something for nausea. She's in some pain, but she's also been assured that will only last about 48 hours. She should be back to bright and shiny in no time and will probably be home by Friday afternoon or Saturday!

So keep those prayers, good wishes, and healing beams coming.



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