I arrived!

Mar. 15th, 2007 07:07 am
aamusedinatx: (coffeeblack)
Well other than the 2 terminal DASH that made OJ look like a geriatric in a zimmer frame, my travel day yesterday was uneventful--just the way I like it! I arrived in Dallas a few minutes after 10pm and was soon sitting comfortable and relaxed with my sister and brother in law and their two dogs.

This morning, only five hours after I'd finally gone to sleep, I was awakened by a giant belly flop by an odd-eyed malamute with a happy face and a cold nose. So, now I've had coffee. I've dutifully peeked in on work email, and I'm going to get myself dressed. We have brunch scheduled with the 'rents at 11am. Cracker Barrel will never be the same.

Also on my agenda today: A NAP! (hey! I'm on vacation here.)

Travel Day

Mar. 2nd, 2006 07:33 am
aamusedinatx: (coffeeblack)
Travel Day, that's the day right after Rock N Roll day. Do you know we had THREE (count them 1....2....3....) earthquakes yesterday--noticeable ones. Ones that could be felt if you were standing still, or sitting still as I was at 10:20 something last night. I'd just sat back on the bed and was actually updating my LJ when WHOOMP/THUMP/SHUDDER and there we went again. Startled the cats, let me tell you! Not long after that, the weather front that had been promised all day long came through with a vengeance. High winds and driving rain battered Derby Downs for the second time since I moved in. We, the occupants, furry and otherwise, were settled safe and snug in our little room. However, since Dottie didn't get her 11pm walk, she woke me at 3am to go out. I was not entirely thrilled with that. No backyard means I have to get dressed and TAKE her out; so I did...with much grumbling on my part.

I finished my sister's gift last night and got the shadow box wrapped with bubble wrap to protect it. It's in my rolling back pack for carry on for the flight. I still have to pack my big suitcase and for once in my life I don't know what to pack. Isn't that silly? I haven't been on vacation in so long I'm not sure WHAT to take with me. Clothes of course, but which ones. Yadda yadda. I'll get it sorted. It'll only take me about 30 minutes. I do, however, have to run up to Walgreens when they open at 8am for travel size shampoo stuff and cat litter.

For now though, some catching up on LJ, on the news, on the weather in Texas, and some much needed coffee!



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