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Currently it is 32 degrees here with a wind chill of 26. The terrible storm that lashed Seattle and Portland has apparently stalled about 30 miles off shore. So we have clear skies and plunging temperatures. I just returned from walking the dork dog. Everything seemed to crunch under our feet: the sidewalk, the leaves, the grass. The cars and the ground are all covered with silvery frost. Something we really don't see much of here at all.

Meanwhile...World Cup Ski Finals are CANCELLED because it's Spring in the Alps and too warm to even make artificial snow.

Hey, Dubya...I got yer Global Warming...RIGHT HERE.

I need cocoa before I head out to work. I'm already frozen solid!

<-- cold wimp!

(That's what 16 years in the Bay Area does to one.)
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I can't believe our low temps last night! That happens when the rain clears away and the night falls clear and cold. There's nothing to keep the heat in. The bay area needs a hat, a warm fuzzy, colorful, yarn-y, knit-like-your-grandma-used-to-knit hat.

I knew I was cold last night. It was about 35 degrees when I went to bed at 1am. The contrast of my new place vs. my old drafty cottage was very apparent. I have a gas heater that works well in the front room. I have my old electric radiator like heater in the bedroom. I turned it on for about 4 hours to keep the bedroom at 63 degrees. With 3 furry animals and a down quilt I slept warm and snug. I had no idea, until my feet touched the floor this morning how COLD it was! The dork dog took one step outside on the cold concrete and went "nu-uh! I'm not doing this!" I had to boot her butt out the door so she would!

I'm working from home today. I have a plumber coming some time this afternoon to fix my dying toilet. So I get to enjoy this cold, sunny day at home. I don't have to shiver on my walk down to BART or at a bus stop. For that I am thankful. I have fuzzy socks and bulky sweaters and three four-legged radiators who are only too glad to have my home so they can drape themselves about me as I work on the laptop.

And, hopefully by the end of the day today, I will no longer have to mop my bathroom floor twice a day. :)
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20 February, 2006

35 Degrees Fahrenheit
Northern California

Dear Canada,

Boy that's a terrific joke (giggle, snort). Hee, hee, hee. No, seriously. I get it.

Now take your weather back.





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