After a restless night of not much sleep I arrive to work and find the phones blaring a very obnoxious BEEP over and over again. A distress beacon since they rather obviously did not have power. So without coffee I'm forced to 'leap' (okay stumble) into action. It's a good thing I did not forget my cell phone this morning. I called BossMan, I called the Telecom company, I called us and got that annoying high-pitched SQUEEEEEE of a fax or modem. Oh, not a good sign...

I found the switch boxes. It appears we've blown a surge protector. I managed to get the switch boxes plugged in to another six-banger and lo' the BEEP stopped. My cell phone rang. It was the emergencny technician. I attempted to hear what he said. He was in San Francisco walking his dog and talking to me at the same time. I desparately wished I was walking Dottie and not standing here in my server room fuming.
We agreed that the phones now work, but we appear to have lost our programming so it will take some effort on their part and ours to get all of that back.

At LEAST I don't have to listen to that obnoxious BUZZ/BEEP every 30 seconds! Please tell me the day improves from here.

I certainly hope the day improves from here...

my coffee's cold :P
This is why I don't take vacation. This is why I don't leave the boys unattended for more than a day. This morning has been


From a call on my cell from a New York client letting me know the Web App is being funky again, to getting into the office to find the co-worker is now in the hospital, there's no paper in the printer, the sales database is down, getting voice mail when I call the Engineer to get his ass outta bed to come help

We'll okay, so it's not ALL their fault, but misery loves company--if I gotta suffer a Monday morning, so do they! :P

So there.

I think this pretty much sums me up for the morning :)
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Organized Chaos, but Chaos none the less.

I'm glad I woke an hour early and schleped my ass in here at an ungodly pre-dawn hour this morning.

The phones have been going all morning and there were three issues, one major, two relatively minor that were not caught during Saturday's testing.

I rolled the INGaneer out of bed at 7:30am. Amazingly he was here before 8am. And now the major issue is fixed and the two minor issues are in process.

Blessed be the dieties who created my boss. He just arrived with a HUGE Latte from Peet's. The man takes care of me, let me tell you!

Geek Girls Rule, but without sufficient coffee, we behead those around us.

Early in my tenure here I arrived at 6am to find no coffee. I threatened to set fire to the hallway carpet. They took me seriously :)



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