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So I took yesterday off in order to accompany the roommate on a round of routine Doctor's visits. She goes to a clinic in the city and yesterday was a beautiful day to be in San Francisco!! The sky was clear, the sun warm, the wind brisk. From our vantage point at the top of Parnassus, we could look across and see the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out above a thick white bank of fog. The quintessential picture postcard of the bay area.

Because of travel time it took us all day. Then we both got home, exhausted and slept. And so today, I sit here at work, glad to be here, excited about the prospect of what the day holds as Dr Lust returns from a work trip and already we're playing online and remotely (to be consummated later this afternoon evening in delicious ways--no doubt!)

I realize I have been posting a bit less than usual. That's a result of the change of seasons. This time of year brings out an energy in me and a restlessness that cannot be contained within four walls. I find my self out and about much more frequently. During the dark months of winter I tend to cave up, den, and semi-hibernate. I enjoy that too, the relaxing, the hibernating, that tends to be when I sleep more, think more and write more. And so...friends and acquaintances, please don't think ill of me if this journal is less densely packed during the summer--it is not boredom or lack of material, it's simply me bursting forth into the world in celebration of sun and light.

Speaking of sun and light, the solstice is upon us!

Sing, dance, the moon is nearly full. REJOICE!

(More to come I'm sure--and sex filled if I have today pegged correctly--and I do!)

I had quite the week last week and a lovely weekend. I also realized some things.

On Thursday afternoon I returned home after my day out with the Enigma (whom I often refer to as 'the primary). The rain finished, the sun broke out, Lace was home. We chatted, we puttered, we went to dinner, we came home. All in all a relaxing day. At one point, before dinner I was trading out a load of wash in the laundry room and realized how deeply content I was to be at home.

I have been married and/or lived with roommates for most of the past 20 years. I often find myself driven so hard in my job in an attempt to stay away from home. Home is rarely a refuge or an enjoyable place to be. I'm hard to live with and so there often arises domestic politics and strain that I'd rather not deal with. I have no such issues here. I enjoy coming home and spending time in the company of my roommate.

In fact, one of the reasons why I am now referring to the Enigma by his usual 'moniker' is a combination of my recognizing a more level playing field between he and Dr. Lust that has long existed (and I have been using labels such as 'primary' and 'occasional' or 'secondary' out of habit rather than out of a true picture of their roles in my life) and the fact that I declared to Lace this week that really if I am to look at the amount of social interaction and face to face time with those three closest to me...well...SHE is my primary :). I told her we need to get simple silver bands to wear next time we go to Texas together. My mother won't know whether to shit, run or go blind if we show up with what look like wedding bands! LOL

So being happy and loved in my personal environment was one big reminder this week. Being able to rationally navigate through emotions and misunderstandings before they become big issues was another.

Tapping into some really serious sexual-deviant jones with Dr. Lust, which we'eve agreed to take onto a whole new level--a huge leap of faith and trust on the part of two people with serious control issues, has me spinning in place with such excitement you would think its Christmas. I can barely contain myself and in spite of a LOT of good physical loving and work out last week, I am still eager and raring to go.

Saturday, after a day out doing errands with the primary/roomie, I got a convivial evening with the Mad Scientist. We had drinks, toasted an award he received, talked about sex and sexual mores, and then played in the hot tub place before more discussion over a hot latte at midnight at an all night cafe.

Sunday I was tired, and indulgently lazy. And today...I face the week filled with anticipation and a sexual euphoria that is hard to describe.

For once...I'm not sitting here saying "I hate Mondays."
I heard noise outside of our little cottage by the bay this morning. It's not often that our neighborhood is that noisy unless it's a game weekend at UCB. Yet I'm hearing muddled voices through a megaphone. What gives?

I walked out into a fog shrouded morning and stood waiting for the bus. I looked down Telegraph and saw five protesters holding signs and marching in a circle to a boom box, a megaphone and chanting. Apparently ABC Contractors commits unfair business practices. Still I am left wondering how effective a protest of 5 bedraggled and not entirely reputable looking group can be.

I'm not a huge fan of unions and I have been union before, so I feel somewhat justified in my opinion. I have seen effective large-scale strikes such as the recent strike of the Hotel & Restaurant workers' union in San Francisco late last year, but FIVE people? They wind up just looking more like another Berkeley oddity than any effective group expressing justifiable outrage at exploitation.

Maybe I just needed more coffee :P

It's Friday. We made it! I had such a wonderful day yesterday with Enigma and a wonderfully expanding week with Dr Lust. I've had Lace around all week long and we've had several days of enjoyable knock around time and laughter in the sunshine this past week. It has been a long time actually, since I've rolled into a weekend feeling this happy, this content, and this whole.

And so we shall see what shape this weekend takes.

I hope its good for all of us, in many ways!
Click on this link: http://www.adforum.com/english/GBR/index.asp
and check out the right-hand blue ad that says Golfers for Sony Playstation2. Have your sound on. It's really work safe, hell its a UK Television ad.

Made my coffee very enjoyable this morning. My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lifehiker for this.

Today...I get rid of last weeks problem about 3 dates in 24 hours and not getting laid :) I'm even dressed like a slut, all silk, and low cut and sheer. Now, do you think I was hit on at the bus stop? NO!!

As I maintain...I just don't get it. Today, if that had happened, I probably would not have been as surprised as I am most times. Ah well, luck of the draw I suppose.

And tonight...Chocolate Martinis with the roommate and perhaps a few friends.

But for now...work and waiting to see how long it takes before the boss says something about my mode of dress. His eyes will definitely be staring at my boobs today.

Edited to add: It took him all of 15 seconds. "Look at you! Big plans for lunch today?"



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