Mother Nature has gifted my area of the world with the most beautiful day we could ask for. It is clear blue and nearly 60 degrees out there. Just.Gorgeous. I accept this as an omen for good things to come throughout this year.
It caught me quite off guard after a relatively slow week at work. At least this was explode in a GOOD way. I've also had work explode in a sucky way before. This is much, much preferable. It's good for us, good for the clients, good for business so I'll take good explosions.

Wednesday night me and the good Doctor went into the city and met up with [ profile] polypolyglot at the Ferry Building. We then talked and laughed and joked our way along the Embarcaderro to a dive bar called Pier 23. We noshed and talked some more. We drank and toasted and laughed. I made heads turn when PPG spit his whiskey across the table in response to one of my snarky comments. I thew my arms above my head and yelled


I love doing that. We eventually wandered back over to the shopping center where we were parked and went into Chevys for more drinks because they validate parking. At one point PPG announced "I know how you hate flash photography but I have to get a picture of you two."

Flash photography? I flashed him with a grin...and my shirt up to my neck. Magically our waiter, who had been hiding, suddenly appeared. I cannot take full credit for this. He was gay, I doubt he really cared much for my breasts; however the ederly tourist sitting with his wife and grandson over to the right had his jaw on his chest.

Quite satisfying.

And so we arrive to today. I am dragging PPG and Dr Strangelove to Walnut Creek for their art and wine fest. It will be sunny and hot and quite fun. The only annoying thing is I broke my toe yesterday. I have it taped up now and it's not too bad, I've actually done worse in the summer of 2000, but it hurts enough to be annoying and now I'm going to walk on it all day. Urg :(

And so before I hobble out the door a quick note here and then off to feed The Mad Scientist's cats (he returns home tonight--I have to pick him up at the airport at 11pm), pay rent, pay utilities, swing by BART to retrieve PPG, who arrives at 9:30,and head to FatApples for breakfast before we trek East across the hills.

Have a great Saturday everyone!
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It's been a good Sunday. This comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I have a love-hate relationship with Mother's Day. I suppose that's natural with birth-mothers and natural with mothers whose children pre-decease them. I am both in one. I call my own Mother each year but I know I'll never receive that call from her or from others in my family. Such is the nature of things. I try not to let it bother me. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not.

This year, I'm doing pretty good. Dr Lust came over yesterday and took me to brunch and wished me Happy Mother's Day. I had a wonderful time at a graduation party last night for the Kitten with a Whip! It's been soooo long since I kissed a girl! I kissed her doubly so last evening!! WOOT.

It was fun to sit in the cool dark with a diverse group of people. Kit's parents, her aunt, her great aunt, friends, cousins, we all sat laughing, talking, eating around the fire pit, singing with the guitar playing. I watched her father belt out Donovan tunes while gyrating around the fire. I couldn't stop laughing and singing and clapping. It was a wonderfully cathartic evening. I took a long walk in the fullness of the moon before bed and lay there gazing out the window until moonset when I finally fell asleep.

This morning the phone rang and Dr Strangelove wanted to seek out breakfast and a walk. So we headed out for another brunch before heading to the Marina and doing a mile or so around the point. We happened upon a colony of brown squirrels, a group of red winged black birds, a nesting owl and the usual fare of kite flyers, bikers, walkers, dog walkers...all of us out enjoying a very warm and very sunny day. We cooled off with chilled martinis at Skates on the bay and then he dropped me off at home before he headed into the city for an evening with friends.

Now, I'm sitting in the cool of the apartment, slightly sweaty, slightly buzzed and contemplating a nap.

This is, in my mind, the best kind of Sunday. I hope all of you have had as nice a day as I have.
I'm awake at 7 something. I actually don't need to be awake this soon but I am. What woke me up was this very unusual and nearly forgotten object:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Not only that, it looks like we might keep most of it through this weekend. It figures at the tail-end of [ profile] quirkypandacub's visit we FINALLY get a break in the weather.

I read last night that we have 390" of snow in Donner Pass right now. Our water tables are at 100% and the Snow Pac we've received just since 1 March will give us enough water for two years now.

Blah de blah blah de blah say. people forget: that 3/4ths of this state is desert, really. The entire central valley is cultivated because of an elaborate water system and irrigation. Rain stops May 31st and we don't see it again until October 31st. As much as I love to bitch about soggy weather, when we don't have it, we're in trouble.

The cats are zooming about the apartment in the sunshine this morning. They really like the change in the weather. The dork dog and I went for a nice long walkie this morning, 7 or 8 blocks. It felt good to get out in the sun.

Now we sit, me with coffee, the cats catching sunbeams on the floor, the dork dog chewing on her foot at the end of the bed. A peaceful tableau.

For a few hours at least. Until I have to corral the cats into the bathroom again :) and sequester me and the dork dog up in the comfy chair again.

Thank god all this floor mess is almost over!

LOL Sammy has the small rectangular pumice stone that came off my foot brush on the tiles in the hallway and he's batting it around like a hockey puck!

I know, only I would find that cute.



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