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Honk, Hack, Hork, Snort, Wheeze, Cough.

Why hello Oak pollen so 'nice' to feel you invade my very soul and crush me in your yellow dust grip.

'But that's not what I came here to talk about...I came to talk about the draft...'

No, I didn't come to talk about that either. This latte is playing with my brain chem.

It's been a week. Not a bad week, but a week. Work has been churning busy, life has been busy. I spent most of Tuesday at home twiddling because I was waiting on a delivery. I guarantee if I hadn't been home it would have arrived at 8:45am. Because I was home it arrived at 5:15pm. But I stayed home and checked on email and work stuff remotely because I.really.wanted.that.bed!

I now have a lovely thick, firm, memory foam mattress. It's on the floor for now but zomg it feels so much better. My back thanks me, my hips thank me, my shoulders and neck thank me! I managed to get my old bed pulled out of there and stood upright on the bathroom next to me, but I was unable to get 71 pounds of bagged foam up the stairs. It took all three of us with the un-helpful assistance of 4 curious dogs and 2 bored cats. But we did manage to get it up there, un bagged, cut out of 2 layers of heavy plastic, 1 layer of tyvek and laid out.

Then of course we HAD to try it out.

First we had to get the sea of animals off of it so we could lay down.

Then we laid there oohing and awing and then spluttering and laughing as a variety of furry noses and tongues attacked us.

Meanwhile Tonight is Susanne Vega at the Paramount/State theater. We at the fun committee brought in 'the coffee guy' and Round Rock donuts for employee appreciation morning. So all in all, a busy, full, and good week!

If only I could breathe :D And, if when I can breathe, if only I didn't smell skunk...everywhere. It's as sure a sign of spring as budding trees.

Now back to my coffee!

~ Meri
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