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Apr. 5th, 2006 01:27 pm
So the throat may be viral, but they swabbed it to be sure it's not strep. Ears definitely infected--especially the right one, so I'm now home, still sore, with a perscription of Ofloxin (or something like that) and I'm to continue to take the liquid tylenol along with hot compresses and gargling for the pain in the short term.

Now if Frankie would stop rubbing against my ear and making it tickle!! It's hard to tickle and be in pain at the same time.

Kinky cat.
Here I am at home again. The cough settled in last night and I was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

The dork dog seemed determined to take advantage of my wakefulness and I was bundled up and out in the wet twice during the night to drag her sorry ass around the block. At 6:30am I gave up, emailed the boss (I still have no voice to speak of and so the phone would have been silly) and took some more medication. I finally drifted off about 7am I guess and slept till 11:30.

I had to cancel a breakfast with Dr Lust. We were just going to sit and have a brief coffee and bagel at my desk, but still I'm pouting for this.

I'm 'awake' but I barely have the energy to turn the kettle on for some tea. It's day four and my throat still hurts, which is annoying. It comes and goes which is even more annoying. I want it to just go and not come back.

As I sit here on my couch I notice little tumbleweeds of pet hair rolling across the floor, but I lack any energy to get the vacuum out and deal with them; or with the dishes in the sink.

The cats are chasing each other. I just went to tell Sammy to 'be nice' (he's being a butt to his sister) and all that came out was *CROAK*. It did get me a very funny look from both of them. The dog growled. I must have said something offensive.

I think a cup of tea, a hot shower to try and steam this up a bit, and then back to bed.



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