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I have my feet pressed up against my little ceramic heater under my desk. I wonder if my toes will ever thaw? Yes I'm wearing socks. No, I'm not wearing shoes. For some inexplicable reason I decided to wear my hiking sandals to work. If I come down with a cold now, you can point and giggle and whisper behind your hand.

In this morning's paper I read:
On Monday, Oakland was the only Bay Area city to break any records, with temperatures at the Oakland Museum and Oakland International Airport dipping to 35 and 31 degrees, respectively. Previous records were 38 degrees at the museum, set in 1975, and 32 degrees at the airport, set in 1930.

Yah us. Overachievers that we are, we broke records. I find it fascinating to look at our inversion layer. At the Lawrence Hall of Science, which sits at about 1100 feet, this mornings temp read 40 degrees. Outside my window, down here in the flats, closer to Oakland than the Berkeley Hills, my thermometer read 32. For the second morning, the dorkdog did NOT want to get out of bed, much less go outside in the frosty pre-dawn and try to find a place not covered in frost to do what she needed to do. I swear she's afraid her twat will freeze to the pavement or something :P

In OTHER NEWS...I didn't get my shopping excursion with the MadGirlChild last night! Turns out Dad forgot and so we rebooked for Wednesday night to take her out and let her shop for Mom, Dad, and the Kitten with a Whip.


Dear Maternal Unit. Please. Do not deviate from THE LIST when buying gifts. Sincerely, hideously clad daughter.

Two packages arrived yesterday. One from some place I'd never heard of before, the other, a FedEx envelope from my mother. The first one was soft and gushy. I sliced it open (wait for Christmas? Me? ha!) and out popped a lime-green cable-knit sweater; made in Sri Lanka. I'm sure they were paid well for their labors. An envelope containing colored sales fliers for an amazing amount of cheap crap fell out with it. Anyone who has ever run across a catalog from BLAIR, or Fingerhut, or Lillian Vernon can relate to what I'm saying here. This place makes Fingerhut look like Nieman Marcus! GAH. However, the sweater...the sweater is actually soft and kinda nice. The problem is the color. I can't wear pastels, I never could. I have just enough of an olive tone to my skin that pastels make me look YELLOW. The Enigma thinks the sweater will look just lovely on Dottie. After all she is blonde and has the right coloring for it. Now there's an idea!

Oh, and the second package? Well, she redeemed herself with that one. It contained a visa gift card for $150.00. Yeah, I guess I'll keep her. I've had her this long, besides Mothers are SOOO hard to train.

Yeah, I'll let her live.
Firstly, in a small corner of Britain...the posters for Wallace and Gromit's new movie is banned.

Posters advertising the new Wallace and Gromit movie have been banned from one superstitious corner of Britain.

Posters for The Curse of the Were Rabbit have been banned from the Isle of Portland in Dorset, reports Sky News.

For more than 100 years the word "rabbit" has been considered bad luck there because burrowing caused by rabbits has caused land slips in the area's famous quarries.

"In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth," . Aussies...gotta luv em.

Suddenly thing seem to be going wrong in (d)Roves. Can you tell I'm vastly amused by this unraveling? Being called in front of a grand jury 4 times is NOT a good sign, I don't care what his attorney said. DeLay also said he'd fight his charges categorically--and what did he do? Asked to have the first charge dismissed on 'technicality'. I think he spent too much time inhaling DDT when he was still the ORKIN man :P

Local plug: One of my favorite museums re-opens next week. Of course I still haven't seen the new Asian Art museum...I need to do so, soon.

Move over, Eros.

Developers announced plans Friday to open a multimillion dollar sexual "theme park" near London's Piccadilly Circus, home to the much-photographed statue of the Greek god of love.

I wonder if you can get the doorman to smile :)

Simon Hoggart. I adore this man...even if he does talk about national politics a half-world away:
This is the weirdest Tory conference most of us can remember. It is wonderfully, surreally, demented. While the leadership battle rages and swirls around the Blackpool Winter Gardens, the party is being given a sustained thumping by its most senior members. It's like a beauty contest held in Miss Whippelashe's basement.

"You've been a very naughty boy! I'll make you scream for mercy! That'll be a hundred quid, darling, cash if you don't mind." That was the message from their chairman, Francis Maude. He told them the British people thought they were crap. They believed that individual Tories were crap, that their policies were crap, and their outlook was crap.

Of course he didn't use those exact words. Instead he used charts. Nobody thinks the Tories shared their values. More than half the population thinks they're stuck in the past, that they don't care about ordinary people. He illustrated his talk with what could hardly be called a PowerPoint presentation; more an impotence slide show.

Did Bush act on Divine Advice?

Conflict of interest...or lie down with dogs and you'll rise up with fleas:
Lawyer Curtis Holmes, who had just delivered the opening statement in defense of an alleged child sex abuser in a Pocatello, Idaho, courtroom in August, was, minutes later, suspended by the state bar association for a previous case, in which he arranged to take nude photos of a client in exchange for reducing her bill.

(From news of da weird!)

Let's hope for a good weekend, shall we?

A New Week

Sep. 12th, 2005 09:17 am
I have finally conceded defeat where the weather is concerned. I am wearing socks AND close toed shoes before Halloween for the first time in 10 years!!

Now watch it be 80 degrees and sunny when I head home today :P

Also, I know I've been ranting and raving in here for weeks now on a lot of issues. This is what happens when I don't have sex...so you're warned :)

However, one of my rants a few weeks ago was to whine about how the issues that are important to me are the ones no one ever comments on. I kicked myself almost as soon as I hit the post button.

I've been on the internet and in forums and online communities for too many years to be that petulant and to fall into the trap that is silence must equal no one is listening.

The sound of someone listening IS the sound of silence.

I also know I am the world's worst at listening nodding and then going on to the next listening post. I often mean to go back and make a comment--long winded or short, then forget, or get busy, or just feel superfluous when I read the number of comments they've already received...and so I am also the silent majority who reads and doesn't say anything.

In order to attempt to break that bad habit on my part, I have spent my coffee this morning reading as usual but also commenting...even if just to say "I'm here, I'm listening."

It helps me and hopefully it'll help them a bit too. I dunno. You tell me.

Meanwhile, week two of 10-12 hour days at work :) I'll be glad when my co-worker returns from her honeymoon. (Her wedding was actually Friday afternoon in Maui.) Still there is a sort of freedom of scheduling. I can field the phones, read LJ, organize my thoughts quietly over coffee, plan my day, make my posts, and still keep all the balls in the air.

I feel in charge and competent as I move through the long hours and it has been a while since I've been able to say that.

Peace out.
I made it.

That's about all I can report at this moment.

But, I made it.

Naw, it's not that bad.

I went home yesterday and collapsed into a heap. I napped off and on until nearly 11pm and then, after an hour or so catching up with the Enigma (he had boy's night out last night) I slept solid all night long.

Probably no surprise then that I woke this morning with a crick in my neck. I must have slept standing on my head.

And so I roll into Friday nowhere near as tired as I was the rest of this week. I have, naturally, heard NOTHING back from the Pseudo-Ex since I emailed him Tuesday afternoon. He'll take offense and be hurt by my 5 line email and so will sit and sulk rather then step up the plate and take care of his shit (and I don't mean *me*).

If I'm lucky, I'll get my toes sucked on by Shania again (giggle...I enjoyed writing that yesterday). But, if I'm *REALLY* lucky, I'll get an in-office visit by the Enigma. I got one from Dr. Lust yesterday and that helped my day immeasurably.

A scan through the news today shows nothing new really. The talking heads seem to be finally drawing breath and trying to regroup. The Politicos continue to talk the same bullshit--as if they think by repeating the same lies over and over will somehow make them true. I wish I had greater faith in that 51% who voted these bastards into office in 2004 to be able to sort fact from fiction. Sadly, I don't.

One report of national, political import is that the PAC groups associated with Tom DeLay and his abhorrent --win at all costs, nothing is too illegal for my gain--game plan have been indicted by Grand Jury in Texas.

This article
is one of many I've found on the report, so it is receiving more scrutiny than just 'down home' in Texas. Right now it doesn't really 'touch' DeLay himself, but I hope to God that man is brought low, hard, fast, and very, very publicly.

If this cold weather keeps up, I'm going to have to break out closed toed shoes. Sigh...I hope summer for us is more than those 3 days in late August. Please, please, PLEASE!



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