1. When I was a kid I loved Orange Marmalade...except I'd pick out all the bits of orange rind before I would eat it.

2. To this day I'm baffled when people do nice things for me and there's no ulterior motive behind it other than an act of kindness. I mean, I do it all the time, but I never have that expectation from others (thanks mother!)

3. I cannot graciously wear a compliment to save my life. Don't believe me, ask [livejournal.com profile] kriserin.

4. I was 20 before I'd ever had a bagel and cream cheese.

5. Because I was moved around so much at the beginning of school I missed large chunks of phonetics. For as large as my vocabulary is, I mispronounce words I know and use properly all the time. This irritates the BEJEZUZ outta me!

6. I hate word problems in math. I see words and numbers together and my brain freezes. Can't do it. DO NOT WANT!.

7. I've never been able to finish a Tolkien book, ever. And I haven't seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies. I've now been stripped of my Geek cred.
Take the first letter of your name and answer all the following questions . . . your actual name cannot be an answer for any of the questions, thank you very much.

Your Name: Meri
Famous Music artist/group: Mahavishnu Orchestra
3 letter word: May
Color: Magenta
Gift/present: Martini Glasses
Vehicle: Maserati
TV Show: M*A*S*H
Country: Malaysia
Boy's Name: Miles
Girl's Name: Meredith
Alcoholic drink: Mojito
Occupation: Musician
Flower: Marigold
Celebrity: Mike Meyers
Food: Mulligan Stew
Something found in a kitchen: Madolin
Reason for Being Late: Mumps
Something You Shout: MORE!

We're on a mission from RedSilk.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:
Oh, I love this!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Lady Meri the Ineffable of Wallop upon Deane
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Time for new calling cards!
Ganked from several by now. I am a sheep.

a meme for those older than 12 )
I tag whom ever is bored enough!
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ganked from [livejournal.com profile] shinylife

What Magical Creature are You?

You are a wild, naughty little Sprite! Sprites are Spirit faeries, their job is to change the colour of the leaves in the fall. They are very vain but adorable! They are fun loving creatures who dance and sing all day. You will often find them wearing acorn hats.
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I've been tagged once again! This time by [livejournal.com profile] wlotus

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, and then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Also, try not to list "porn" for every answer.

(I'm pretty sure the admonishment against porn was a finger wag in my direction!) :)

1. Lotto Blueberry Gum (it evokes childhood memories of Japan)
2. Naps. Naptime is HIGHLY underrated
3. Woolly socks
4. My Enigma's eyes--they're very expressive of his moods
5. Conversation over good food with good people
6. Spontaneous puppy kisses
7. A warm, purring, sleeping puddytat
8. The calm that comes from being content and happy
9. Witty repartee with equally witty friends
10. Purifying long hot baths

I am to tag 10 people in return. I tag all of you, you can sort for yourselves which 10 of you carry this forth!
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Ooooh!! I like! Edgy, mysterious, crazy. Um yeah. Check.

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

I found this interesting:

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Midland

"You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

North Central
The West
The Inland North
The South
The Northeast
What American accent do you have?

Thanks to the US Navy and a nomadic upbringing, I was 14 before I lived in an area with a strong regional accent. By then, it was too late for it to really take hold.


Sep. 27th, 2006 09:59 pm
clipped from [livejournal.com profile] kiserin and [livejournal.com profile] molly_mcb

Must answer with Exactly 2 words.

1. When was the last time you shaved?
Sunday Evening

2. Explain what ended your last relationship.
his fuckup

3. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.?
riding BART

4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago?
typing online

5. Are you any good at math?
soooo Not

6. Your prom night?
Snuck out

7. Do you have any famous ancestors?
Not really

8. Have you had to take a loan out for school?
yes indeed

9. Do you know the words to the song on your myspace profile?
null result

10. Last thing received in the mail?
penny saver

11. How many different beverages have you had today?
too many

12. Do you ever leave messages on people's answering machine?
annoying ones

13. Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to?
Original Genesis

14. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
Not yet

15. What's the most painful dental procedure you've had?
teeth planed

16. What is out your back door?
recyling bins

17. Any plans for Friday night?
not yet

18. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair?
oh yes!

19. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different popcorns?
final exams

20. Have you ever been to a planetarium?
oh yes

21. Do you re-use towels after you shower?
oh yeah

22. Some things you are excited about?
work, party

23. What is your favorite flavor of JELLO?
cherry, rasberry

24. Describe your keychain(s)?
lotus elise

25. Where do you keep your change?
purse bottom

26. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?
today 12:00

27. What kind of winter coat do you own?
wool orange

28. What was the weather like on your graduation day?
very hot

29. Do you sleep with the door to your room open or closed??
open usually
Not sure who started this but...

Hell yeah.

RedSilkRobe starved to death while playing computer games

RedSilkRobe was later revived by the milk of Angelina Jolie
'What will your Headline be?' at QuizGalaxy.com


You scored as Serenity (Firefly). You like to live your own way and don�t enjoy when anyone but a friend tries to tell you should do different. Now if only the Reavers would quit trying to skin you.


Serenity (Firefly)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Moya (Farscape)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Your Ultimate Sci-Fi Profile II: which sci-fi crew would you best fit in? (pics)
created with QuizFarm.com
I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] lifehiker:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag five people.

"Killed?" He almost whispered the word.
"In Vietnam!" I yelled. "On the godamn television!"
"Oh...yes...yes," he said. "This terrible war. When will it end?"

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
~ Hunter S. Thompson


Go forth and annoy!
Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] polypolyglot

Erotic Thriller

You've made your own rules in life - and sometimes that catches up with you.

Winding a web of deceit comes naturally, and no one really knows the true you.

Your best movie matches: Swimming Pool, Unfaithful, The Crush

Meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] lifehiker, [livejournal.com profile] hurricansuz, and [livejournal.com profile] shinylife

What Your Soul Really Looks Like

You are very passionate and quite temperamental. While you can be moody, you always crave comfort.

You are a very grounded, responsible, and realistic person. People may not want to hear the truth from you, but they're going to get it.

You believe that people see you as a bit small and insignificant. People pay more attention to you than you think.

Your near future is all about change, but in very small steps. The end of the journey looks far, but it's much closer than you realize.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn't fall in love with someone you didn't trust.

Yes sir, yes sir; three bags full...
You can only type one word, no explanations.

1. Yourself: Survivor

2. Your Lover: (s) Supportive

3. Your Hair: thick

4. Your Mother: Insane

5. Your Father: Intelligent

6. Your Favourite Item: iPod

7. Your Dream Last Night: Convoluted

8. Your Favourite Drink: Coffee

9. Your Dream Home: Vintage

10. The Room You Are In: Office

11. Your Pet: Three

12. Who You Are Now: Me

13. Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Me

14. What You Want to be in Ten Years: Self-Sufficient

15. What You're Not: Self-Sufficient

16. Your Best Friend: none

17. One of Your Wish list Items: divorce

18. Your Gender: Female

19. The Last Thing You Did: yawned

20. What You Are Wearing: clothes

21. Your Favourite Weather: Crisp

22. Your Favourite Book: SciFi

23. The Last Thing You Ate: Chili

24. Your Life: Rollercoaster

25. Your Mood: withdrawn
aamusedinatx: (coffeeblack)
(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

want to know the rest? )
I miss somebody right now. I don't watch much TV these days. × I own lots of books(not as many as I used to.)
I wear glasses or contact lenses. × I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. I believe honesty is usually the best policy.

What herb are you?

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