Feb. 28th, 2013

Or, in my case, BOTH!

I was dead the end of last week. I spent Thursday and Friday in a twilight fog of sinus/migraine death. I woke at one point to find myself pinned to the bed by six fur bodies. I was the only human home. I was comatose, and horizontal. Who were they not to join in?! In spite of the migraine Carol and I got in the car and drove to Dallas last Friday night. My sister had returned from Chicago and we had the last of packing to do before the moving truck arrived on Monday to load her up!

But first, some fun. Saturday was spent wandering off in opposite directions. Sue & Carol to do errands, me to a wonderful brunch with dear friends Kerry, Lisa and their daughter, Kirah. My sister was off to get her hair cut and styled by the woman who has done her hair since she was 14 years old.

When we all met up again it was at an antique warehouse in Grapevine, Tx. There are some peculiarities to moving into an 1920s urban apartment. One is small bedrooms with weird wall angles. She's had this long low, dresser that was part of an 80s monstrosity bedroom set my folks got her when she graduated from HS.

You know one of those thick, bookcase headboard things with mirrors and lights. It all ways more than a herd of elephants and looks about as appealing... When we first looked at apartments in Chicago I told her that if she found a way to ditch that hideous old dresser (the only piece of that suite she had left) I'd buy her a new one for the new apartment. We found a beautiful 20's solid walnut wardrobe with drawers on one side and shelves could be put in the other side. It had a beautiful inlay, no major dings or blemishes and was under $300.00. Because I insisted on paying for it, my sister also scored an awesome classic Tiffany style table lamp with solid brass base and stem and gorgeous stained glass.

We got her a large copper tub for the non-working fireplace in her living room, and a few other nice accent items. We all milled around this huge store and squealed and ooh'd and awww'd over stuff. I even wound up with an accent chair for the re-do of my bedroom in Austin. We piled all our finds into the back of our SUV and had her wardrobe delivered to the warehouse of the moving company she works for to be packed with her stuff.

Next we headed to a place to scope out area rugs since she has over 1,000 sq feet of solid oak flooring. We managed to hit a 50% off sale and got her three rugs, we took them home and taped them up for packing on Monday.

Dinner with the parents that night proved one of the most interesting points of the weekend. My mother showed up ON A WALKER.

Yup. A walker. She has long used a cane, because of nerve damage after knee replacement surgery in '97. But a walker?

My first reaction was 'sympathy ploy'. However my Dad confirmed that she had indeed blown out her other knee. Mind you she has needed knee surgery on her other knee and also on the one they did in '97 for a minimum of two years now. She keeps postponing that surgery and often using my sister as her excuse. (Oh I can't do it then, you're too busy so I cancelled.) Now, she can barely walk. This situation is, of course 100% avoidable. So I have little sympathy with the self-invaliding of my Mother. The other thing that pisses me off is that this happened less than a week after my Sister moved to Chicago. So, end of January. It's now the end of February. We've had video conference calls with them each week since Kriss's move. Has this EVER been mentioned? NO!

They are insisting that they have to move to Vegas before the end of this year because come 2014 they lose all their medical care from the Navy. Obama is evil of course and he's making them homeless and helpless. Yes there are changes in the plan for Retired members on Tri-Care Prime who reside more than 40 miles away from a Military 'treatment facility'. However, TriCare's website also says:
Provisions will allow Prime beneficiaries who see providers outside the 40-mile service area to remain in Prime if they reside within 100 miles of an available primary care manager and sign an access waiver. Contractors such as United HealthCare Military & Veterans, Health Net Federal Services and Humana Military will continue to assist beneficiaries in obtaining providers in their regions. Beneficiaries should speak to their health care providers and families to assess the best course of action.

By shifting to Las Vegas they are easily within range of Military base hospital facilities and they can drive my Uncle Crazy instead of me. I'm actually FOR this move, not against it.

Mind you there are very good hospitals here in Texas, in San Antonio in particular. My mother has always loved San Antonio, but now she spits the city's name out as if it were the devil itself. Why? I have no idea except that it's too close to where I live. So between now and September or October, I have to hoard my quarterly bonuses to help pay to move them across the country. I guarantee you she won't save the money to do it herself.

But between then and now she is being forced to deal with her knee issue. This could get very interesting. Kriss is gone. I am here, but she won't tell me what's really going on, or when. She simply grows more combative, more secretive and more dysfunctional with every day.

Is it wrong of me to refuse to loose sleep over this?



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