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A strange cry for February, I admit. I knew last week and the week before was too good to last. This morning it has warmed up to 35 degrees. The air is so crisp it's brittle. At least the sun is out, but this weekend that should change, as some rain moves in on Saturday.

At 10 after 6 this morning, I was rudely awakened by a very wet nose poking me in the eye. This was quickly followed by a low, guttural, "arroooowwwww" and a few smacks in the face by a large, flat, blond, harry paw. The Dork dog had flopped down on her back next to me in bed and was now rolling and squirming, scratching her back and waking me up. She wanted to play and she wanted her walk. Mind you my alarm is set for 6:40. Sigh...

So, we go for our walk in the frigid morning air. I'm still half asleep and now half numb. Once we got back into the relative warmth of the cottage I realized it was pointless to try and steal those last 15 or 20 minutes of sleep. I got dressed for work, made sure the beasts were fed and watered, and was out the door to catch the bus before my alarm even went off. I forgot my lunch.

Welcome to hump day. At least its pretty out.

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